About the Mintirho Foundation

The Coca-Cola Beverages Company South Africa (CCBSA) Mintirho Foundation was formed to promote the development of historically disadvantaged farmers and small suppliers of inputs in the CCBSA value chain through the funding of sustainable businesses. The foundation was formed as a result of the Competition Commision conditions agreed upon as part of the large merger between Coca-Cola Bottlers in South Africa.

Aims, beneficiaries and objectives

We anticipate achieving the aims of the foundation through funding starting at R1 million, using a range of financial instruments. 

The fund offers expansion capital that enables increased production of existing capacity and commercialisation of historically disadvantaged farmers and small suppliers of inputs. This will enable them to supply CCBSA and Appletiser, as well as other end users, through strategic arrangements. This will also enable the creation of real social value in the form of increased profitability and job creation in those operations.

We also look at upstream and downstream businesses that provide support to enable the commercialisation of farmers in our value chain e.g. juicing, tanking etc.