CCBSA launches R400m fund to boost emerging farmers

Coca-Cola Beverages SA (CCBSA) has unveiled a R400 million trust named the Mintirho Foundation that will develop historically disadvantaged emerging farmers and small suppliers, growing them to become full participants in the commercial agriculture value chain.
New farmers typically struggle with access to land and a lack of adequate financial and other support, especially in the critical early years.

How CCBSA helped to establish one of South Africa’s most successful agricultural empowerment projects

The road to Augrabies, in the Northern Cape, winds through an endless, dry landscape of scraggly bush and ironstone hills. As the Orange River sighs into view, the countryside changes dramatically. A brilliant gash of green hugs the riverbank as far as the eye can see. It is here – in the heart of South Africa’s grape country – that one of the country’s most successful empowerment farms has driven a stake into the ground.