The objective of the funds under the control of the Foundation is to support training of historically disadvantaged developing farmers ("Black Farmers") and historically disadvantaged small suppliers of inputs ("Black Suppliers") for products of the CCBSA Group and to provide the disbursement of grants/ loans/ equity as well as training, as contemplated in the BBBEE Codes of Supplier Development as defined in the BBBEE Act.

applications for the current round of funding close on 31 May 2019.

qualifying INVESTMENT criteria

What industries do we fund?

Crop Agriculture

  • Primary agriculture

  • Agro-processing

  • Value-added distribution

  • Innovative solutions in/for agriculture

What commodities, specifically, do we fund?

  • All food crops (including fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries and grains)

What do we provide funding for?

  • Growth capital for sustainable businesses

  • Expansion after initial success of project

  • Greenfields projects (only for exceptional cases and must be ≤ 10% of portfolio)

  • Training and skills development (only through grant funding)

What we look for: Ownership and control

  • > 60% Black owned (with a preference for > 75%)

  • Women and Youth (<40) ownership, with a preference for Youth ownership

  • Passionate business owners

  • Black ownership, control and management are necessary

  • Business owner with age >40 should be supported by strong succession plan

  • Skill transfer arrangements must already be in place

What we look for: Management

  • Experienced management team with a track record of success

  • Hands-on and passionate owner-manager

  • Strong technical partner

  • Skill transfer arrangements must already be in place

What we look for: General

  • Land security, i.e. title deed or long-term (20+ years) lease

  • Rural community inclusion and development

  • Norequired revenue, EBITDA or IRR

Exclusions, i.e. what do we not fund?

  • Animals farming and any related activities

  • Acquisitions of land

  • Acquisitions into existing enterprises

  • Business rescue

  • Recapitalising loans

  • Greenfields project (limited appetite)

  • On-lenders

  • Funding a majority of the project when co-funding with other funders required revenue, EBITDA or IRR

What funding instruments do we use?

  • Subordinated (possibly also interest-free) debt

  • Convertible loans (a portion of the loan may be converted to a grant based on agreed milestones)

  • Common equity

  • Preferred equity

  • Grant financing (no more than R5m per transaction)

Characteristics of the funding instruments that we use

  • Development transactions

  • For ordinary and preferred equity, no prescribed funding tenor

  • For loans, maximum moratorium of 5 years (depending on commodity) and a total tenor of 10 years

Limitations of the funding we provide?

  • Maximum funding - R40 million per transaction

  • Total Fund – R400 million (2016 - 2021)


  • Across South Africa

areas of operation

Projects and beneficiaries must be located within the borders of the Republic of South Africa. 


1. Does Mintirho Foundation offer a grant or loan?

• The Foundation offers grants/ loans and equity for the expansion of agri-businesses (crops/ fruit/mechanization and agro-processing).

• The maximum grant the foundation can offer is R 5 Million and the maximum loan afforded is 40 Million per transaction.

• The application submitted, inclusive of financial projections, skills assessment and a myriad of factors that the foundation considers, determine the nature of funding to be granted.

2. We understand that the Mintirho Foundation takes stake in the business, what does that imply?

• Equity Stake can indicate an ownership interest in a business, where Mintirho Foundation will acquire stake into the prospective beneficiary business. This is usually done in a case of technically intensive operations with huge capital injections (i.e., berries/macadamia/apples/grapes/etc.)

• In this instance when the Foundation acquires a percentage into the business, it gives board rights to a Mintirho Foundation appointed trustee to be able to make decisions also in the running of business to ensure sustainability and to protect capital investment.

3. Does it matter to the Minthirho Foundation the size of the farm or land to be utilised?

• The size of the land does not matter as there can be applications for crops that are grown under protection or field crops. What is significant to the Foundation is the security of land tenure.

4. Does Mintirho Foundation fund established businesses only or even if you have a piece of family land but you haven’t used it because you don’t have funds?

• The premise for the establishment of Mintirho Foundation is to promote the development of historically disadvantaged farmers and small suppliers of inputs in the CCBSA value chain through the funding of sustainable businesses.

• The family farms are not excluded from registering at CIPRO either as Closed Corporations or PTYs.

5. Is there any age limit to access funding from the Minthirho Foundation?

• There is no age restrictions to access funding from Mintirho Foundation.

• A defined succession and skills transfer plan is encouraged to ensure continuity and sustainability of the business.